True Love

True Love
I was once told that crying cleanses the soul but if truth be told it never does. I’ve been weeping for going on a century and still have a soul with the resemblance of the undercarriage of a Jeep Wrangler. To have the world as I know change as fast the tires on a racecar during a routine pit stop is more than a few shed tears can cure. There are some wounds that never fully heal no matter how well treated medically. Losing my first love Josephine changed me mentally physically and emotionally, it would any man even the toughest.
I first spotted her near the bread aisle of the neighborhood supermarket after she had managed to knock over the pyramid shaped display of canned soup. At first glance she seemed like nothing more than a gawky teenage girl unsure of her list of purchases. I contemplated on just pushing the red basket full of ingredients for my mom’s famous meatloaf right past her.
“Let me get those for you,” I said as I shuffled over grabbing two cans in both hands.
“Thanks, I’m Josie by the way,” she replied.
I arose meeting her hazel colored eyes and was lost for what seemed like eternity. Taken by her beauty I dropped a can of soup on my right foot, bunny hopped and simultaneously dropped the rest. “Robert, it’s nice to meet you,” I said through clenched teeth struggling to gain my composure.
This chick was tall fair skinned with Marilyn Monroe black curls, shaping her face in the most profound way, heightening each dimple and high cheek bone. The white poodle on her black free flowing skirt matched her ruffled shirt to perfection. Lastly the classic black chocker that draped her neck seemed to pair the brooch sitting right above her heart. We were inseparable from that moment on although we were raised at opposite sides of the earth pole ends.
Josie, like every other family that fit the American status quo had parents who were very well endowed. An only child, her mother stayed home cooking, cleaning and maintaining the household...