True Love Is Like a Fire

True love is powerful. True love can manipulate who you are, what you feel, and how you view so called, normal, everyday experiences.   When you love someone, you can change your personality, your attitude, and your outlook on life without even realizing your changing.   True love is so powerful that it can ruin relationships as easily as it builds them. It is like Joan Crawford said, “Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.”   So what is true love? Is your love true, or does your infatuation with someone or something hide itself behind a façade of love?
In order to determine whether your love is true, you must first determine who or what it is that you love, what form of love you believe you have, and why it is that you share this love.   There are many forms of love that are not to be confused with true love.   There is brotherly love, parental love, love of friends, god, life, power, animals, ideas … and the list goes on and on.   All of these are forms of love, but they do not compare to that of true love. These forms of love are rooted deep in your soul and provide you with strength throughout your everyday life, but they cannot begin to weigh against the one or, in certain instances, the few that you actually share a true love with.  
True love cannot be defined.   This is because each and every one of you has your own definition of what true love is.   For some of you, true love is the greatest gift that was given to man by God.   When you truly love someone, you do not want to go anywhere without them. You do not care what others think about the two of you.   True love is caring for each other physically as well as emotionally. For others, it is when you think of your love and it brings a smile to your face and a yearning in your heart.   It is that unconditional feeling that you feel toward another person.   The meaning of true love cannot have a true definition, but it certainly does have meaning....