Trip to Dc

My Experience

Going to DC was one of the greatest experiences I ever had. We had a tour around DC looking at amazing sights and learning about the history.   Going to the Holocaust Museum was the most memorable part of the trip. I learned so much touring the museum. The Hall of Remembrance, was one of the places I would never forget. The place was beautiful with lit candles and a particular aroma. The candles symbolized the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. It was very relaxing and made me think about the innocent people that had to suffer through that time. It was very saddening.
Another place in the museum I would never forget is Daniel’s Story. It was pretty amazing how they set the place up. I enjoyed how in Daniel’s Story there was a partial participation on our part. We got to walk around and touch things that represented objects back then. Daniel’s Story was really sad. It gave a child’s perspective on the Holocaust and it made me think. At a particular point it almost made me cry. The pain and torture people had to go through just hit me. It was very moving.
Along with the amazing experiences, there were some flaws.   Going to DC with little to none sleep made many of the 10 minute movies boring. They were very informative but I saw many people sleep inside instead. Another thing that could have been avoided was our class almost killing a bicyclist. That may have been the most memorable part of the whole trip. it was mean, but after he cussed at us I think he deserved it.
We went to many other places than just the museum. We looked at the Washington Monument, which totally blew my mind. The body of water in fount of it was a lot longer than I expected, but it was very pretty. Another sight we looked at was the Lincoln Memorial. The man on the penny had a HUGE statue. I was very impressed. We also visited other sights such as the White House and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.
After the tour we broke off into separate groups. We had to...