My Trip to New York

Back in 1998 when I was 18 I had the privilege of going to New York WOW! I went with an older friend of mine; we flew out of Pasco Washington. Had two layovers one was in Salt Lake City the other one was in St. Paul Minnesota. Then we made it to Newark New Jersey that is where our hotel was. Then I called home to let them know, we made it.
    Then we got something to eat at the restaurant that was in the hotel. Then went to bed because we had to get up early. The next day we started our tour, we went to Chinatown, Brooklyn that was a long day next, and we want to see the statue of liberty we took the ferry from the south street seaport, as it was neat to see. Then we went to the empire state building now that was tall. That night we went to a play on Broadway we got to see the phantom of the opera that was in the play. The next day we went to the world trade center on our way we see the movie being filmed; then we got to the world trade center and went into the lobby while everybody else went to the top as we stayed in the lobby.  
    We also went to central park we took the horse and buggy ride around central park. We also got to see the hotel and toy store from Home Alone two was made. Then we went to Washington, DC; first to see in the Holocaust Museum; it was sad but interesting to see what people had to go through back then. How the people had to be able, withstand the torture that they were put through just because they were different, it was sad to see the aftereffects of how cruel people can be. One part that I will never forget;   was one of the hallways there was a bunch of shoes; there was a burnt rubber smell; the shoes range from little kids to adults. The next place we went was the Smithsonian we got to go to two different ones; the first one was that all about the president’s, it at all the old president’s they were all made of wax. If the next one that we went to was the Space Museum then we were going to go to the Washington Monument that...