The Worst Trip to Mexico

Eloisa Garza
Septemer 13, 2011
English 1301
Mr. Joseph Haske
The Worst Trip To Mexico
Most teenaged people think that parents exaggerate a lot when we ask for permission to something and they tell us “No it is not safe”. But most of teenaged don’t know and don’t understand that your parents are always right that if they tell you NO is because all the years they are older than us is because they have pass through a lot of things; they have learn from their mistakes and they don’t what us to being at risk of making tragic mistakes.   A few month ago I was one of those teenage girls.
It all started a day before; I was way too furious at my boyfriend for some stupid reason. My troublesome boyfriend Jose was asking me to go to the city of China, in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico to talk out our differences. He was not able to come because he was having some trouble with some of his co-workers. At the beginning, I didn’t want to go because I knew everything was bad with all the drug dealers, soldiers and the police, but in the end he convinced me to go. When I talked to my mom for permission, she was not sure about letting me go because my father was not going to be in town for the weekend because he had already made plans to leave to the ranch with my cousins for some deer shooting time.   Even though it was hard to convince her, I did.
I left with my aunt Dina, my mother’s sister. In the beginning we were all happy,   at the moment we got to Tamaulipas; I started getting a bad feeling. We got to General Bravo, Nuevo Leon, and everything was just fine. The same Friday I got there, I talked to my boyfriend, we solved our differences, and then he dropped me off at my house. I was a little scared because I was home alone and it was difficult for me to sleep, but I was exhausted and eventually fell asleep.   The next morning was beautiful; the sun was shiny, I was happy, and everything was right in place.   I started to think that all the horrible things people were...