Tribalism in Kenya

The following list was hardly affected by the yesterday’s announcement
This is how central Kenya has able sons and daughters who can serve Kenya.. The Commander-In-Chief, the Chief of General Staff (Lt. Gen. Julius Karangi), the Army Commander (Lt. Gen. Mwaniki), the Navy Commander (Maj. General Mwathethe), the Deputy Air Force Commander (Mag. Gen. Waweru), the Minister for Internal Security (Prof. Saitoti), the PS Internal Security (Kimemia), the Director General of Intelligence (Gichangi), the Head of Police (Iteere), Administration Police Commandant (Kinuthia), GSU Commandant (Saiya), CID Director (Muhoro), two PCs, six Regional Commissioners, thirty-two District Commissioners and 20 out of 40 Permanent Secretaries - all hailing from one community?
In a country of more than 42 ethnic groups, how can we continue to have the Minister of Finance (Uhuru), PS Finance (Kinyua), Central Bank Governor (Ndung’u), Economic Secretary (Thuge), Pension Secretary (Mugo), Director of Budget (Ngugi), Deputy Finance Secretary (Mwirichia), ERD Director (Ngugi), Senior Principal Accountant (Kingathia), 5 out of 6 Members of the Central Bank Board (who are clinging on despite their terms having expired), and the entire Kenya National Audit Office completely dominated by one ethnic group?
How do we justify having, at the Kenya Revenue Commission, Michael Waweru as Commissioner General, Mrs. Ng’ang’a (Secretary), Nduati (Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigations & Enforcement), Nguru ( Deputy Commissioner, Investigations & Enforcement), Karimi (Deputy Commissioner, Procurement), Wanui Namu (Commissioner, Customs), Ms. Githinji (Senior Deputy Commissioner), Maina (Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement), Wachira (Deputy Commissioner, Finance), Njiraini (Commissioner, Domestic Taxes), Mrs. Mwangi (Deputy Commissioner), Mrs. King’ori (Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance), Kariuki (Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security), and Wagachira (Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region) –...