Education System in Nigeria and Kenya Compared

Write a well documented paper on the education system with specific reference to: brief background, aims/goals of education,thestructureoftheeducation system, administration, financing,teachingprofession,challengesand lessons Kenya would learn or borrow. Choose one of these countries Nigeria, Australia, Canada, or China.

Background of Nigeria Education
Nigeria education has evolved through a number of phases. The education system in Nigeria has been formed by a number of influences, - the colonial influence, the influence of the military rule in Nigeria and then the impact of independence and a new constitution.
The progress of education in the southern states of Nigeria reveals the involvement of the Christian missionaries towards the education system in Nigeria during the colonial period.
Nigeria education was slowly but soundly developing during the colonial time until the conclusion of World War II. The Christian missionaries introduced the western education system in Nigeria in the mid nineteenth century. Three fundamentally distinct education systems existed in Nigeria in 1990. They were, - the indigenous system, the Quranic schools, and formal European-style educational institutions. Higher Education in Nigeria originated with the colonial government launching the Yaba higher college.
Education in Nigeria became the responsibility of the state and local councils according to the 1979 constitution. First six years of primary education was made mandatory, which was a significant factor in the development of education in Nigeria. There has been a noticeable upgrading of educational facilities in Nigeria in the latest years. The apparent rate for adult illiteracy in the year 2000 is 35.9%.
The Structure of Nigeria Education System
The local and state governments manage primary and secondary education in Nigeria. Higher education is the responsibility of both the federal and the state governments.

Education is free but not compulsory at...