Training and Mentoring

Situation Analysis
The merger between Interclean and Enviro Tech has strengthened its business position in the market. The company's new strategic focus outlines the path that the company has taken.   The new business model view customer service as an important element that would contribute to its survival.   This also, will give them a competitive edge over other players in the market. The company currently employed sales representatives that carry out their duties in an effective manner.
The company has developed a new sales team that will be serving the health care business. These customers buying behavior requires them to be highly involved because they are sophisticated. This is because the risks associated with making bad decision are high. They are constantly been monitored by government agencies and keep up with the procedural guidelines that need to be followed.
The purpose of this report is to outline a training and mentoring program that will better equip those selected employees to serve this target market effectively.

Training and Mentoring Needs
The company new business model, which is proposed solution or service, has brought about the need to formulate a new sales team, train and mentor the team that they can help the company achieve its goals. The healthcare business is a specialized market that requires a skilled sales team to serve them because of their sophistication. This customer's decision making process is complex in nature because firstly they identify the problem; then begin a search for the relevant information that would solve these problems; identify and evaluate the possible alternatives presented to them; then the purchase decision is made; the most important aspect of the decision-making process is the post purchase behavior. This takes into consideration the satisfaction or unsatisfaction level with the purchase

Objectives of the Training and Mentoring Program
Customer retention is important to any company operating in the...