Interclean Training and Mentoring

New Training and Mentoring Needs
Eugene Wells
University of Phoenix
April 1, 2009

Training and Mentoring
Now that InterClean has successfully hired the most qualified candidates to join the sales team, it is now time to develop training and mentoring programs.   First, InterClean management will have to see what type of training and mentoring methods are best suited for the new and current employees.   Next we will have to set a policy of performance standards that the training methods will have to cover including: delivery methods and context for training and mentoring.   A time-frame will have to be set and adhered to allowing for adequate time for evaluation methods and feedback to be performed.   Finally, alternate methods will need to be established for employees that need additional development.
What is Training?
Before we can establish the needs of InterClean’s training program we first need to identify what is training.   Training can be seen as a system of planned courses intended to improve the performance of an individual, team, or the organization itself (Cascio, 2005).   With this definition established, InterClean will now see what type of training and methods will be best suited to improve the performance of the new, and current, InterClean sales team.
First thing to do is to prepare the entire sales team by letting them know what they should be learning in respects towards the sales departments guidelines (Cascio, 2005).   Every employee should know his or her own job requirements from the job analysis that was provided when the hiring process was being conducted.   Once we have introduced each sales team member to the idea of “what” they need to know then we can begin the assessment phase of training.
The assessment part of the training exercise begins with management determining where training is needed the most.   InterClean management has determined that training with an emphasis on a team environment is needed before individual training...