Traing and Development

A training program that is well-designed is proven to achieve maximum results and meet the training needs identified during a training needs analysis. A well-executed training program will increase overall productivity and provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes the employees need to perform successfully. This paper presents considerations for the design of a two-phase training program for existing employees – a two (2) day program, which covers the training needs to move the company in the right direction.

The following topics include a design of a two (2) day training program, training needs and the approach used to meet these needs, the training objective, training costs, and the training methods used to deliver the training program.

Design a two (2) day training program for a group of twenty (20) employees.
A two (2) day training program for a group of twenty (20) employees has been created to increase employee performance and morale. Day one (1) of the training will be focused on performance improvement. This day will be dedicated to the customer service experience and delivering the “WOW” factor to the organizations customers, understanding emotional intelligence, effective listening, and dealing with irate customers. There will be a main facilitator and special guests during the two (2) day training program to us help reach our goals. These guests are to include one (1) lecturette, one (1) lecturer, and two (2) actors. Day two (2) will focus on team building, improving morale, and understanding the enhanced attendance policy. The purpose of the training is expected to increase productivity and performance, reduce the amount of customer escalations, create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will boost morale, and reduce the rate of absenteeism the company is facing. Over the course of the two (2) day training, we will meet learning points utilizing video technology, behavioral practice techniques, utilizing in- basket games, classroom...