Sustainable Development Policies in the Building Industry

Sustainable Development

*What are the main Contextual factors which have driven the introduction of sustainable development *policies?
In recent times there has been a growing realisation that the way we live our lives, treat our planet and develop the world we live in is unsustainable. We are living beyond our needs and not considering the world of tomorrow. This is because of the strain we put on our environment, are land, water and air are suffering factors by way of our negative consumption and the pollutants we are putting into our atmosphere.
We have always needed a certain amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to keep a habitable amount of heat in, but since the industrial revolution the CO2 levels have become too high. Coal mining and burning, the dirty and pollutant way of creating power is still being used by the US and China as it is an extremely profitable industry. Car pollution is also a major contributor of C02 emissions.
Atmospheric temperatures are rising and intensifying all the time, the ten hottest years to date have been in the past 15 years. This is a strong indicator that our generation must make a change, globally.
‘_The era of procrastination of half measures, of soothing and baffling expedients of delays is coming to a close, in its place we are entering a period of consequences’ _Winston Churchill
Our own actions of the past and present require a re-action. The warning signs are there and that period of consequences has become more apparent in the past decade.
The high temperatures and the warming of the oceans are leading to devastating consequences, they create storms, cyclone’s, typhoons and hurricanes, some of the major ones of 2005 were ‘Hurricane Emily, Dennis and Katrina’. Storms are created in the open oceans and as they move across warmer water, the wind velocity increases and the moisture content rises, which in turn increases the hurricanes energy. This happened in 2005 and America was a casualty of its...