Human Trafficking

What Happens to Human Trafficking Victims?
While in the Air Force, the topic of human trafficking was never talked about until my last years of active duty.   Today the subject of human trafficking is being highly broadcast on many Armed Forces Network television commercials.   The services provided by victims of human trafficking range from prostitution, to maid service, child labor, and even to child soldering.   Therefore, I was wondering what ever happens to victims that are lucky enough to be discovered and rescued from this crime.   Thus further leading me to wonder what does the United States do with these people.   Do we return them to their original country or do we let them stay in the U.S.?   I decided to pursue the question, What happens to the victims of human trafficking upon being discovered?  
To find the answer to my question, I decided to research the internet to learn more about this topic.   My first source was from a website sponsored by a charitable organization for child trafficking.   This site expanded my view of human trafficking because I was only thinking of victims being brought to the United States.   While reading from this website, it talked about the victims being kidnapped, bribed, deceived, or forced from their homes and taken to brothels or labor camps within their own country.   This information is starting to tug at my heart already.   Human trafficking almost seems like a necessary evil but there has to be an alternative to this sad situation.   More importantly, I also learned about how the victims in Asia are viewed.   “In Asian cultures where women are deemed second-class citizens, women are considered cheap laborers for the slave trade industry because the sale of a woman is viewed as an insignificant loss to society” (Warm Blankets Orphan International, 2004).   Even though I believe there are other alternatives, it is apparent these cultures use these women for their own economic benefit.  
I am now curious to learn about how other...