Traffic Problems

Urban Transport Strategy for Greater Cairo

The circumstances has now been arrived at in which there is no straightforward answer for the
extensive variety of urban transport issues. While tending to any of them will
realize critical and recognizable changes, the full advantages of any
specific measure won't be acknowledged unless other parallel measures are additionally
executed. This circumstance was perceived in the TMP that proposed a
comprehensive procedure containing numerous between related and commonly supporting measures
be executed.
Among the numerous issues to be tended to and that are managed in this Strategy,
the most earnest include:

(a) Serious movement clogging: Cairo is encountering activity blockage that
places it among the most noticeably awful on the planet. This has genuine financial
results and helps disintegrating air contamination conditions.
(b) Poor traveler transport framework. Cairo depends on undeveloped,
stuffed and temperamental traveler transport administrations. Their fundamental positive
trademark is their low admissions. For those administrations that are still worked by the
open area, this results in unsustainable subsidies, and for private administrations
that attempt to rival the intensely sponsored open administrations, the ensuing
admissions are financially unsustainable. The most clear result is
crumbling administration quality. Open transports are inadequately kept up and a lot of people are
out of administration, while private administrators are limited to little vehicles without
the intends to supplant them. The huge number of administrators and absence of an institutional structure has prompted an absence of combination among traveler
transport modes, aggravating officially obnoxious voyaging conditions than
they need be.
(c) A high mishap rate: The street transport demise rate in Cairo is high.
No less than 1,000 Cairenes pass on every year in engine vehicle mishaps, more than
a large...