Who Runs Arlanta

Who runs Atlanta   is the question at hand. If you where to ask a politican they would say   the government. If you ask an entrapernor they might   respond with businesses. To ask an everyday person they would proably say the government. With all these different responces, I would have to say I feel Atlanta is a city that is ran mainly off of business. Business over the different decades have played a major role in the growth and development of Atlanta, making if a business ran city.
In 1860 Atlanta was home to 9,554 people and was fourth largest city in the state. Known as “Antebellum Atlanta” a city led by merchants and railroad men, not planters, and as sectional differences mounted, businessmen and voters in the city tended to opposession, often due to economic diffrences. After Sherman's capture of Atlanta in 1864 had far-ranging repercussions. It secured Abraham Lincoln's U.S. presidential election victory in the fall of that year. It also ultimately doomed the Confederacy and its fading hopes for victory and independence. Finally, it left Atlanta burned, barren, and bankrupt. Despite these austere conditions, Atlanta emerged from the ashes to rebuild quickly—bigger, noisier, and with even greater ambitions and goals than before.
The same force that had contributed so greatly to Atlanta's founding and early growth Atlanta once again spurred the city's development after the war. By fall 1865 all five of the city's rail lines were again operational, and by the turn of the century, fifteen lines passed through the city, with more than 150 trains arriving in Atlanta every day. The impact of the railroads was felt all over the city. Railroads lay at the heart of the local economy, swelled the city's numbers, connected Atlanta to distant markets, shaped its physical layout, and supported Atlanta's grandiose claims to being the "Gate City" to the region and the "Chicago of the South."
Atlanta's early-twentieth-century growth and expansion was based in part on...