Toyota Case Study

Toyota is known for quality vehicles but the recall caused Toyota’s brand image to become damaged. The main thing they should focus on first is to extend the time when checking their cars. This would help make sure that their parts in their vehicles meet up to their standards and that the vehicles are running efficiently. They should have not let all the problems with their vehicles accumulate slowly and instead they should tackle their problems as soon as they occur. With a quick response time Toyota would be showing that they are serious about what they do and it would reveal if there actually is a problem or not. Then they should analyze the problems to see why the problem happened.
The next action Toyota should take is to repair their brand image to help them gain back their customers and introduce it to new and potential customers. They can do this by first explaining the things that went wrong with their vehicles and keeping their customers updated about what is happening. Keeping their customers updated would show that Toyota cares about their customer base and also make them feel a lot safer with them instead of leaving them in the dark. They can also tell their customers about safety measures they can take to prevent accidents from happening. After they explain what is going to everyone they can then publicly apologize for what has happened and ensure that the problem will be fixed and improved. Toyota can then continue to provide incentives for their existing customers and to attract new customers. Something else that Toyota can possibly look into doing is reducing the amount of different brands of vehicles that they sell. Taking this action could possibly reduce the number of problems they have with their vehicles because it would give them more focus on their main vehicles that they are selling.
Toyota needs to take action fast if they want to be seen as having high quality cars. They can do this by informing their customers better, restructuring...