Discuss the impact of tourism on destination countries and suggest ways to tackle any negative effect

  * tourism as an economic activity is important for many countries that try to obtain a share in the 8 $ trillion industry , while it can bring in wealth and economic benefits , there are also some negative consequences for those nations and their regions . for both these , it is important to understand the impact of tourism (¬†Holloway,¬†and Davidson ,2009)
The aim of this study is to understand the structure of the Tourism industry to identify the impact of Tourism as a global activity and how to tackle impact , we need to define the meaning of term Tourism , UNWTO defined Tourism as people spending leisure time outside their original and usual residence area , for temporary time not for purpose of employment or residence , some governments added some extra outlines for the definition Canadian government said that it needs to be away from residence area by 25 miles , United States Government defined it 100 Miles and in United Kingdom defined as 20 Miles or 3 hours away from usual residence point , and term tourist began to be in use in 1942 professor Hunziker and Krapf of Bern university   (Theobald,2005 ) .

Tourism depend on two important factors which are tourists 1.035 Billion tourists around the world In 119 countries by UNWTO researches for 2013 , it contribute directly to many nations economy , France had in 2012 83 million visitors with amount of receipts of 53.7$   Billion   in 2012 , USA considered top international Tourism receipts 126.2$ Billion   for 67.0 million tourists in 2012 .
and destination Countries are countries   which have one or more out of the 6 competitive dimensions of tourism which are   Environmental , Political , Technological , Cultural , Social and Economical (McCool,Moisey,2001).

Positive Impact of Tourism

Tourism has Direct and Indirect impact on any country economy ,...