Tourism Contribution to the Poverty Alleviation

"Better Livelihoods to the local Communities through Tourism” is a subject largely at the focus mostly on the developing nations like Sri Lanka. There will be no disagreement the countries where tourism substantially contributes to their GDP Growth, it must be spelt clearly, that 'Tourism is for people and people are for Tourism'. A simple, broad- based two-way concept that should evoke everyone to contribute to alleviate poverty through Tourism. Countries have to deviate from the usual practice of a few reaping the benefits. Because Tourism is all about, People, their Lifestyles & Cultures, their Cuisine, their History, their Nature and Eco systems, their Sports, their health practices etc. All these are things that people involvement is unavoidable and belong to the people and their communities. These are all people activities. But sadly, these are considered only as attractive features to entice tourists, but not to benefit the contributors in any way.
In the context of the economy of Sri Lanka, 50% of GDP is concentrated within the Western Province. This is an area of 5.6 % of the country's landmass that includes the capital Colombo and the surrounding suburbs. The population segregation in this province is 28 % of the total population of the country. Now you will see 50% of the GDP activities concentrated in an area of 5.6 % of the whole country. The balance 50% of the economic activities takes place in an area of 94.3 % of the total landmass of the country among 72 % of the total population.
Also 25 % of the rural population is living below poverty line as against the 8 % of the urban population. This is a huge anomaly. These are definite indicators that reveal the need to shift economic activities proportionately to rural areas in order to harness the livelihoods of the local communities. However, everyone should realize that Tourism has the phenomenal potential to be...