Richmond Tourism

Richmond is a Tasmania’s most historic town and boasts of many old construction sites of Australia. The town preserves the colonial culture and provides visitors a glimpse of the same. The old buildings are maintained well and tourists can experience the life of the bygone era. Oldest bridge in Australia and oldest remaining church are just some of the attractions that the town has to offer.  
Following sets of people should be targeted for promoting the town
  * Historians:   Richmond is one of the most important colonial towns of Australia. The town is on Tasmania’s convict trail and was once a convict station and a key military post. It is located between Port Arthur Penal settlement and Hobart and has seen all the action during colonial times
  * Architecture connoisseurs: Richmond has Australia’s oldest bridge built in 1823 and Australia’s oldest remaining church. The town also has more than 50 Georgian buildings. Tourists can stay in many of these buildings.
  * People looking to get a taste of colonial era culture. There are shopping places with crafts and other things available from the colonial era. Tourists can dress in fashion of the past and get their portraits done.
  * Food and wine lovers have many options in the city. The Coal River valley has fertile soil and is famous for superior wines. Wine tasting in cellar doors is a treat for tourists.
Though there are so many places in Richmond, the town has not realized its true potential in the tourism industry. Following can be the reasons for this:
  * Not a lot of people travel to Tasmania to spend their vacations and holidays
  * The site is not popular among the international tourists. Not many people outside the country know about the city
  * Visitor management techniques are not up to the world standards
  * Historical sites in general are declining in popularity
  * Apart from the existing historic sites and buildings, new attractions are not being developed. Modern tourists...