Team Charter Analysis


Team Charter Decoded

University of Phoenix

Team Charter Decoded
  Teams are a critical component to success in many arenas. The academic arena is the focus of this paper. Learning teams at the University of Phoenix are essential to the overall success of a student’s career, both academic and otherwise. Each team member brings unique contributions however given the similarities of the team members for this particular MBA program there may be some challenges in terms of growth both individually as well as a team. This paper will discuss the similarities and their advantages as well as disadvantages. Additionally, the benefit of teams within the academic arena will be briefly discussed. Teamwork is essential to the overall achievement of individuals or groups.
  Advantages and disadvantages of team member similarities
        Considering the similar outcome of each of the three team member's Jungian Personality Tests several advantages and disadvantages have arisen. Given the fact that the scores are within one point of each other with two scores of fifty-four and one of fifty-five on how good each team members listening skills are, each are considered fairly good listeners. Although this could be viewed as an advantage, there are disadvantages also. Since each listens nearly the same, pertinent details may be missed since each is hearing the same message. This disadvantage does not lend itself to a fuller understanding of topics and discussions. The team charter addresses the fact that listening more intently and providing constructive feedback are ways to achieve a greater understanding of topics. As a team each member needs to increase their listening skills and recognize "reflection is a two-part process: You must first visualize all possible future states, and then choose actions that will enable the decision maker to attain the desired outcome" (Hoch, Kunreuther, & Guenther, 2001, p. 110).

  Benefit of...