TMA 1 – Part 1
In your own words, define difference and inequality, and provide an example of each on City Road.

Para 1 – Define difference, give example’s from video 1 and 2. Approx. 125 words
Para 2 – Define inequality, give example from textbook. Approx. 125 words.

The word difference is generally referred to as when there is a dissimilarity between things. However, in social science difference focuses on the variations between people and their consortiums of gender, age, sexuality, religion, race or ethnicity. The different nationalities can be observed on City Road by looking at the businesses and their owners residing there, restaurants and takeaways (The Open University, 2014) the Sari showroom and its owner Nasreen Khan, the Xquisite Africa shop owned by Janet Symmons and Anna Brazezinska, who came to City Road from Poland in 2005 as a student and now has a lease on an Arabic food emporium. There are also other international shops to be observed on City Road, Mediterranean Sweets which also sells Baklawa (a type of bread) and City Superstore selling global spices and Halal meat (The Open University, 2014).
Inequality is a lack of balance; a disproportionate allocation of society’s resources such as money and accessibility to facilities and education. On City Road this can be observed at the food bank by the people who go there because they are suffering from economic inequality due to lack of money. They do not choose to use the food bank and they are not given any choices of the food in which they are given when there. On the contrary, the people who visit the farmers’ market have the available resources to enable them to choose and purchase which foods they desire. Blakeley and Staples (2014, p. 26).