Essay plan

1. Introduction.
Define consumer society.
Mention key things about concepts of the seduced and the repressed.
Describe the concepts.
2. Consuming uses and how do we see shopping.
3. What is Bauman’s theory explaining and not mentioning.
4. First department stores similarities to now day supermarkets and shops.
Mention some of the ways they seduce us.
5. How big our choice is becoming with growing supermarkets.
6. The negative side of supermarkets opening on our streets.
7. Talking about the reasons why big retailers can sell cheap goods that small shops can’t compete.
8. Mention how unsustainable is our society with this excessive consuming.
9. Conclusion.

Discuss the role of the concepts of the seduced and the repressed for understanding the place of consumption in contemporary consumer society.
Consumption and contemporary consumer society
A Consumer society is society where shopping for material goods matters as much as how we earn our living. This society is believed to be shaped by how people relate to things that they buy and use.
Bauman’s (1988), theory claims that it’s possible to divide contemporary consumer society in to two parts. The first one is The Seduced and oppositional the Repressed.
Seduced – the members of society who, using Bauman’s words, are able to participate in this consumer society because of their financial and social circumstances. (Making Social Lives p 25) That is mainly people with high or medium income and people who are highly valued within this society.
Repressed-   people who are not able to take part in consumer society activities for any financial, physical or mental reasons. In other words, people who are not consuming effectively.   This includes people on low wages, unemployed, those in insecure employment, disabled, old people, racial minorities and others. (Chapter 1. p 25)
The key thing about the Consumer Society is that people can change from one group to other for multiple times during...