Drawing on what you have learned from the social lives DVD and learning companion 1 outline how some benefit and some lose on a street that you know!

In my assignment I will be discussing the benefits and loses of Abbey road which is situated in North West London. Abbey road is a tourist area due to the abbey road studios and zebra crossing. Abbey road consists of 3 main council estates and a lot of privately owned flats. Abbey road studios and the zebra crossing directly outside the studios make the street a tourist attraction as it has been given a grade 2 listing by heritage minister John Penrose. Also the Beatles walked across the zebra crossing and used the image as there cover photo for there album in 1969. (

One benefit on abbey road is that there is street parking and off street parking. Off street parking benefits the local residents as abbey road is a tourist spot. The street parking is a benefit for the tourists as they can park for cheap to visit the studio and zebra crossing. The off street parking is only available for the residents of the 3 surrounding estates, this is a benefit for the residents of abbey road, due to the street parking being used by many of the tourists and visitors of the studios. The main lose endured by the residents of abbey road is that they have to pay daily fees or own a permit to use the off street parking. Compared to City road this is a benefit as they have no street or off street parking available for the residents of the street.

Local businesses on the street also benefit from the amount of tourists the street attracts as they visit the shops and restaurants regularly. This is a lose for the local residents on the council estates as the shops, restaurants have high prices. They accommodates more for the working class people and tourists. 68% of the lone parent residents are unemployed, 22% of working age people are unemployed 6% of these claiming Job...