TMA 01 part 2


My name is Sue Owens; I am currently studying a course called ‘Discovering Psychology’ with the Open University.   I am a parent with 2 teenage boys and found the following experiment conducted with children both fascinating and interesting I hope you do too.

The Experiment

This report is to give you an understanding as to the experiment that was carried out by whom and why the experiment took place.   The experiment was carried out by Albert Bandura and several colleagues in 1963 it was done to see how children would behave and if they would imitate aggressive behaviour seen, the children were split into groups and shown a similar set up within each group.   The children were equally split by gender i.e. equal number of boys and girls in each group.

  * The first group of children was taken to a room with toys to play with, whilst they were in the room a live model entered with a doll and began acting in an aggressive way towards the doll, in the form of punching, hitting and being vocally aggressive towards it.

  * The second group of children witnessed a similar set up with the doll but the difference being they saw the aggression taking place on a TV in the shape of a film.

  * The third group saw the same aggression carried out but this time they saw it in cartoon film form rather than real human beings.

  * The fourth group witnessed no aggressive behaviour at all.

In the next section I will look at what these findings discovered and how the children reacted to the aggression and if this was imitated by them.

What was discovered?

It was discovered that the children in the first three groups and who witnessed the aggressive behaviour did show an increase in aggressive acts compared to the children who were shown no aggression at all.   It also showed that more aggressive acts were carried out by the boys than the girls.   It is clear that children will mimic behaviour they witness and I think in this...