Tma O1 E100

TMA01-Myself, My settings, Roles and Responsibilities.

Part 1, (1,248 words)

My setting

I work in a nursery based in a primary school. My setting is in an inner-city area which has very high levels of social and economic disadvantage (OFSTED, 2009).81% of the children speak English as an additional language and are from a Pakistani heritage following the Muslim faith (OFSTED, 2009).   The majority of pupils start school with very little or no English and are weak in home language development (OFSTED, 2009).   All members of staff (Appendix A) work together, where they help and support each other.   My setting follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (DCSF, 2008), focussing on the five key outcomes of Every Child Matters (DCSF, 2004). (KU3) My Nursery achieves the 5 outcomes by providing a safe and caring environment where children are confident to access equipment and areas independently. We aim to welcome children and families with different needs and cultures. As Owen and Hayes (2008 Reader 1, chapter 3 p 34) argue, “it’s impossible to educate without caring, or care without promoting children’s learning.” My setting also provides opportunities for children to learn new skills communicate and interact with other children and staff.

My Responsibilities

I have worked in a different setting where I and another member of staff were in charge of an Eating Healthy scheme. The scheme was carried out to help parents to understand more about food and exercise. I have also worked in a private nursery where I was in charge of the I.C.T department. It involved me to train members of staff and provide classes for parents.   Both of these responsibilities helped me when I joined my current setting in 2007, where I work alongside a team in Nursery (see Appendix B) I am now able to use my experiences, skills and knowledge in my current setting in both areas . My setting ensures that the children have the right knowledge to make the right choices linked with their...