Tma 1 E100

Myself, my setting and my roles and responsibilities

I have worked in education for seven years, as a teaching assistant and midday assistant. Working closely with the children was the most important factor in motivating me to study for further qualifications. Due to continuous changes in the school, I decided to further my career and learning and development by passing NVQ level one, two and three courses, then to progress further to study and pass my Higher Level Teaching status. (Appendix 2) I am aware that the early year’s workforce has to take on board exciting changes to continue their professional development, as explained in (study topic 1 activity 1 page 14) Therefore I am working towards becoming a senior practitioner and gaining a degree in Early Years Foundation Stage. (cs1)

My setting
Currently I am employed in a large urban primary school in central Southend. There are five hundred children on roll of which 90% live within the catchment area. At present I am working in a reception class consisting of thirty, four to five year old children. Many of the children who enter the foundation stage are significantly below average. Their social and emotional skills are underdeveloped and the majority have had poor language development. Also, having a close relationship with the nursery allows evidence that is collected, such as children’s profiles, to be discussed thoroughly and passed on with the children. As the nursery unit and the Foundation Stage unit work closely together and the majority of children in the Reception class have attended the nursery unit the transition is a seamless process. The children have access to continuous provision where they can self direct their own learning. A play based curriculum allows greater opportunity for the children to interact socially. The children also have access to an outside learning environment, which has proved to promote language development. I am aware that the school recognises that to be...