Tma 02 E100

For this assignment I have chosen to analyse a video clip of “Office play” from Study Topic 6. This is because the children in the video clip are of a similar age to the children that attend my setting .The children are engaged in role play throughout the clip, and role play is something I am familiar with as it forms an important part of the areas of learning in my setting. Also the video clip I have chosen features a child with additional needs; this is something I have experience of as one of my key children has mild cerebral palsy and significant language delay.   In this assignment I will look at young children’s learning in relation to the play displayed in the video sequence. I will also look at how the video clip relates to the welfare and provision for children. Finally I will discuss the implications for my own practice and reflect on my own learning.
Word count 159
Part one.   Children’s learning and Statutory requirements for welfare and provision
Children’s learning has a very big impact on their future, which is why the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is in place in order to give us an understanding of how our children learn while they play.
I chose ‘Office play’ because the children in the (E100 DVD1) are role playing as well as learning. They may have or may not have done the activities before. It is good for them to try out new and old ideas and explore their learning. In the video clip I can see they are all involved within their play and learning experiences and the help of adults within the environment can lead to higher levels of social interaction and interpersonal skills, creating greater independence.
Within the setting I work in we do a lot of children led activities. For example we would set the role play area up to represent a construction site, doctors’ surgery, vets or home play and the children will improvise how they want to play.   We provide the props that they need but they will also add more...