Tma 03 K311

This essay will be divided in three sections: in the first part I will explain how I would design my research, in the second part, what type of data would I need to collect and why, and in the last part I will explain what type of research methodologies would I use and why.

Multidisciplinary public health research takes place in different ways and settings, using a variety of methodologies; there many sources of information about health available to us, like for instance, books, internet or television, but not all of them are considerate trustworthy.

When we carried out a health research, like in this case a cigarette-smoking behavior of young people, there is a particular process that we need to follow which is called the staged process. This process it is divided in seven stages, which are: existing literature, research question or topic, question about data and sources, research design, data collection, analysis and writing up (Chapter 7, p.215). 

In the first stage I will look at all the available sources as any information will be helpful in conducting my research, for instance via local authority department, NHS Hospital library or the National Library for health. When we look for information it is helpful to use “The information searching process” mentioned in Chapter 7, p218, which is divided in six steps.

In the first step of this process, I will need to ask to myself, what data is needed and what do I already know about the cigarette-smoking behavior of young people in my health district. Data is collected to help in assessing needs, to monitor ongoing projects and to assist you in evaluation. As I have been asked by the public health department to carry out some research to assess the smoking behavior in young people, I will need to find information like for instance, the percentage of young people smoking in that particular area, what it is the percentage difference between that health district and the neighborhood or what is the main reason...