Tma 03

TMA 03

Part 1 Faraday

Michael Faraday born in 1791 was the son of a blacksmith who grew up in a close knit Christian community which was to shape much of his life. His religion was important to him and when he became a full member of the church he began applying the same methods as he did with religion with his knowledge of science.
He relied on experimental facts and results and tried to understand them simply and clearly and tried to avoid getting carried away. His religion therefore played a big part in his life and his scientific discoveries.
Faraday became aware of how things were presented to the public. The importance of getting things right for a particular audience. What got people interested   and what did not as well as representing his findings in words and pictures. It appears that he took great care and time in researching his material so as to keep his audiences interested.
His lectures were of great interest to the public.they appeared in their hundereds all crammed into a small semi circular lecture theatre all keen and eager awating for the lecture to begin.Everything was planned,his instruments were in the correct place,his speeches rehearsed and his irrestable eloquence which captivated audiences.the lectures proved to be play a huge part in his popularity with such importance that even the “Illustarted London News” portrayed him giving on of his lectures on “Magnetism and Light”.
Michael Faraday was a self taught man who learnt his science in a different way from normal university studies. This led him to think differently and with his group of friends to bounce ideas from led him to experiment and make discoveries.
Throughout the course of his life he wrote many papers. These were aimed at the general public and the scientific world. Faraday had the ability to write about a subject that any everyday Victorian could understand. He used simple terms and phrases and wrote on subjects that were familiar to everyone. In doing so he...