The Titanic Exhibit

In June, 2008, my children and I visited Branson, MO. One thing I have always wanted to do was visit the Titanic Exhibit. I never made it to the Science center when it was in St. Louis. The building is amazing in Branson; it literally looks like the Titanic from the outside. When you walk up to the line, the woman and men actually speak like they are from an English background.
Once inside the building you are handed a card, in it is the name of a passenger that was aboard the Titanic when it sank. In the end you learn if you lived or died. My daughter was actually the youngest child on the boat, at only 8 weeks of age. In the end we all survived the incident.
There are so many artifacts, that it is just amazing to look at so many things they have recovered from such a horrible incident. They have a bowl of water that you can actually put your hand in, it is filled with water that is the temperature of the water the passengers were in. You could barely keep your hand in there for 15 seconds without it hurting. They had a furnace that had a shovel that was the weight of what the coal was that the men actually had to shovel to keep the boat going. My favorite was the staircase, it was actual size to the grand Staircase on the Titanic, and it was amazing. They had the different rooms set up that the passengers slept in depending on your class.
This is an exhibit that everyone should see. This is apart of history that no one will ever forget and to be a part of it and to see the artifacts was really neat. It was almost surreal to see so many things that were aboard a ship that was once a float and now at the bottom of the ocean.