Remember the Titans Leadership

Remember the Titans

In the movie “Remember the Titans” one of the first integrated schools come together and has all kinds of differences and problems. Despite these differences the football team comes together over camp and brings what they learned back to the real world. They show their town how to trust the heart and soul of a man rather than the look of him.
Coach Boon is a great leader. He led his family when his mom and dad died. He had eight brothers and sisters and had to be there for his family. He also led his football team through courage, dependability, confidence, and stability. He knew what had to be done for the better of his team and each player.
Self Understanding is being able to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the movie the Titans were down at half time. The starting free safety was out because he gave up on his team and the second string free safety wasn’t fast enough to play with the school and have his team win. He realized that and knew he wasn’t a bad football player, but just didn’t have the god given athleticism to cover his opponents like his teammate did. He talked to the coach and gave his spot back to the starting safety to win the game.
Understanding others is being able to understand the differences and similarities of his peers. In the beginning the Titans only knew each other as Black and White. The White players talked to the White players and the Black players talked to the Black players. To solve this problem the coach made every player learn about another player of a different race every day. To encourage this effort he went to 3 a day practices until they learned to come together.
Oral communication is how the Titans communicated. They Talked to each other to bring themselves together as a team and win football games. The called Team meetings and talked on the field. They went out and had fun together and let each other know what was going on by word of mouth.
Team Building is very...