Tips for Better Salesmanship


1. Plan the sales call, don’t just drop in.
2. Know the product.
3. Have faith in the performance of ur product.
4. Make a schedule of ur calls.
5.Sell the benefit of the product not the gimmick.
6.If you are selling a tangible product demonstrate it.There is no better argument in convincing a prospect   than to let him see the product operation.
7.Dont overlook the chance to use case history.It is easier to build customers out of the prospects if you can show them how the product benefitted the other customers.
8.Know who influences the sale.
9.Look on each sale objection as a sale opportunity.Know the objections and know the answers .the salesman who knows the answers never has to worry about the questions.
10 .Dont be afraid to break traditions .
12.Closed this is the prime.
13.Know when to close.Dont stop your talk to soon.
14.Often the follow up more important than the original call.
15.Dont stop your sales talk to soon.
16.Practice your sale story from the approach to the sighned application.
17.Work out on good selling plan.
18.If the company gives you aids used them.
19 Sell your product from the prospect   side of the fence.
20 Quality is still tops when it comes to   looking for sales arguments.Price is important but quality will outsell price.
21.Dont let the prospects get your goat .
22.Dont be softy the voice with the   smile wins but at the back of that smile must be purpose and conviction.
23.Remember   there is no such thing as closed door to a sale.
24 Talk to the customers language.
25 Adapt your sales appropach to the customers .
26.Patience ,persistence and enthusiasm   are three character ingredients for which the salesman can find no substitute .
27.Get to know the habit of the prospects.
28.Put the products in the hand   of your prospect if possible.
29.Dont be afraid to set definite goal for your self.
30.Always smooth your road with proper preparation.
31.Watch your health .A sick...