Tips for Positive Thinking

10 Tips for Positive Thinking- Practical Steps For a Happy and Fulfilling Life

The power of positive thinking is immense, the value of a positive mental attitude is priceless. It is a value everyone must have. It is the prelude to success, within and without.

Here are 10 tips for positive thinking and practical steps that enable positive thinking to be indelibly part of your life, that will leave living richer fuller and happier.

1. Learn. Read. Listen. Daily. To inspiring thoughts, audios, movies, battles conquered, adventures encountered, obstacles overcome.  There are people who have distilled blood, sweat and tears of wisdom into books, tapes and courses.    It is said that you become what you think about all day. Learn from and model. Associate yourself with people who think positively.

2. Optimism. Psychologist Martin Seligman mentions that those who are optimistic do not think like pessimists who tend to see problems as permanent, pervasive and personal. Rather than saying " I'm doomed",  "Everything's finished." "I'm no good" Optimists see a way out, they confine the problem and do not take it personally. They do not indulge in catastrophic thinking. Belief and hope is half the battle won.

3. Gratitude – whatever happens, there are worse situations. if you are breathing, be glad to be alive. If you have lost all possessions, be glad you have something to wear. There is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude unlocks beauty, calms and expands the mind. Gratitude gives joy

4. Taking responsibility instead of blame. You will be able to take locus and control of your life again. The storms may rage around you. but you are responsible for getting out of it. You will swim out no matter what . You don't wait for the rain to stop before you move. You don't wait for the other person to react before you make the first move.

5. Not allowing negative emotions to overwhelm you. You may have been beaten sore. But there is still breath in you...