Timeliness and Ethical Aspects of Va Claims

Timeliness and Ethical Aspects of VA Claims

This is a necessary and important resource offered to the veterans, (VA hospital care, monetary compensation monthly, and educational benefits) who serve our country, but at the same time, a service that gets widely abused and millions of dollars of fraud, waste and abuse is happening. The establishment of the Veterans Administration came in 1930 when Congress authorized the President to consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans. This has made a huge impact on the way a veteran can receive much needed treatment, especially after a war time experience if the veteran has been disabled or severely injured or from regular active duty. A service member can qualify for a specific rating disability; as an example, beginning in December 2007, for veterans with no dependents, basic monthly payments range from $117 for 10 percent disability to $2,527 for 100 percent disability (the america’s Intel wire, 2008). This is a fantastic way to subsidize income for those who cannot work, but what about those who claim fifty-ninety percent disability, collect a check, receive free health care and still work a full-time job with no problems.
Statement of Problem
Like I stated earlier, the service is much needed for those who have no place to turn, but at the same time, this system gets grossly abused which cost tax payers millions of dollars each year. The issue is, this action is repeated over and over with members on the inside knowing very well what is happening, but they push the claim through anyway. The member informs his/her friend, and so on. This system of giving service members who perform 20 years of active duty service with no problems, a sudden disability payment, while on the other hand, leaving other service members who really need this service out of pocket and left with hospital payments.
The kind of fraud I am talking about is a service member who...