Time management
Gen 200
May 26, 2010
Suzy Natividad


    Managing my time has always been a problem for me all my life. I can’t ever seem to keep tract of things in my life or even do things on time. I’ve spoken to a lot of people that have the same troubles as I do, we all wonder why can’t be manage our time?!?! I think I finally figured it out for myself; I never actually took the steps to fix this problem. I just learned to deal with it, which of course that isn’t right.

Time management
    Time management is not something you are born with, time management is something that takes practice and at times guidance. When time management is not handled correctly a lot of trouble comes with that. You can find yourself with too many things to do but not enough time, or you might have all the time you need but you waist it doing nothing. People tend to use their time watching TV, texting, on the phone, or just wasting your time lying down (Dawson p 15).
There are certain things I need to know about myself before I can actually fix anything. I need to be aware of where I’m using or wasting my time the most. I also need to be aware of my distractions. I get very easily distracted with of course my cell phone, TV, and my friends. What I can do so that won’t affect me as much is, give “Genessie” her time before I start my work. That way I can get all the talking out of my system and I won’t get distracted once I start my work. I can also form a schedule that works for me and my needs. I feel like I cannot work if I am not happy (2008, p 2).
In order to fix my time management problems I need to gather information that’s going to help me fix this problem. I can either go talk to a specialist or either get information from other associates (Morales, p 23). I can also look on line and find some valuable information to that can actually really help you. A great thing I can also use is books, I can find a book that explains to me what time...