Managing Research in Ssp

Chapter 1

  1. Background of the Research:
In general this research projects is for the fulfilment of PGDMS program. The Management Research- project and presentation is core and significant subject module for the researcher to make healthier knowledge, skill and also to get the idea about an international business organization and how does it work.

The research project is covering the unit Management Research- Project and presentation which driven for the accomplishment of PGDMS and a part from that the research project basically a practical and field work basis. To work with the research topics a UK based private company has been selected known as COMPASS GROUP and one of its sister concern which known as SSP (Select Service Partner). The company have been selected just because the researcher is employing in there and convenience to collect necessary data and information regarding to research, with complete access. The topic has chosen to identify the problem and prospect regarding human resource management in an organization, construct vigorous knowledge in this sector desire to further higher study.

Company Details:
Select Service Partner ( London Head Office)
167, Euston Road
NW10 9KL
United Kingdom

Unit Details:
No-7 Station Approach
Baker Street Underground.
United Kingdom

  2. Objective of the Research:

  3. Limitation of the Research:
    ➢ The company’s management people were too busy, which conflicts to get the data regarding the research.
    ➢ Sampling people were not in convenience time just because of different shifting hour.
    ➢ For the research time factor was a major constraint.
    ➢ Research location was only a specific department of SSP.

1.4 Company Profile:

SSP is Europe and Asia's leading dedicated operator of food and beverage brands in travel and leisure locations. We operate...