Time Management and Goals

      Time wasters are distracters that prevent you from attaining your set goals. Time wasters include:-
  1. Television: Turn off television when studying or avoid studying where you will be tempted to watch movies, YouTube or chat.
  2. Friends: Say “NO” if friends ask you to join them socialize at the last minute when you have assignments or schedule works to do.
  3. Phone: Say “NO” when you don’t have time or use answering machine and return calls at your convenience.
  4. E-mail/Social Media: Designate time for checking e-mails and face book messages during your break periods.
  5. Procrastination: Underestimating how long it will take to accomplish a task. This can be overcome by setting and keeping deadlines, studying difficult subjects first, organizing, scheduling, planning and dividing jobs into smaller ones. Reward yourself when job is done, and say “NO” to time wasters.

                                      PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS
Goals are the incremental steps required to achieve long-term success.
Short-term personal goals: 1. Eat healthy. 2. Lose weight.                                                     03/2015
Long-term personal goals: 1. Maintain healthy lifestyle. 2. Maintain a steady weight     09/2018
Strategies to achieve these goals include: 1. Reduce food portion size, eat small frequent meals with more of vegetables and fruits everyday for six months.
2. Exercise for thirty minutes in the morning and evening every day.
3. Stop drinking sodas and eating junk food, limit to one can of soda every three months.
4. Stop eating out and prepare healthy food at home with family every day.
5. Lose twenty pounds in six months.

Short-term professional goals: 1. Graduate with Associate Degree in Nursing (AAS).         05/2015
2. Pass Nclex RN exam and get a job.                                                                                             07/2015
Long-term professional...