Three Skills Approach

In order to demonstrate my understanding of systems that promote communication in my own job role I will use the Tree skills approach to leadership by Robert Katz using extracts from web site:
I will first detail each skill and then give examples of it them within my role

What is Katz Three Skill Approach?
The skills theory of leadership emerged as a prominent theory in 1955 when Robert Katz published his paper "Skills of an Effective Administrator" in the "Harvard Business Review." The research was based on Katz’s own first hand observations of executives in the workplace and on field research in administration. He suggested in the paper that effective administration or leadership depends on three basic personal skills: technical, human, and conceptual. He identified these three skill areas as the most important skills that the executives had in common and used on a regular basis.
What are the three Skill Areas?
Katz identified three skills; technical, human, and conceptual as the basic personal skills essential for leadership. Technical skills related to the field, human skills related to communicating with people and conceptual skills related to setting vision.
Skill 1:   Technical Skills:
As defined by Katz in 1955, ‘Technical skill is knowledge about and proficiency in a specific type of work or activity. It includes competencies in a specialized area, analytical ability, and the ability to use appropriate tools and techniques’. Technical skills play an essential role in producing the actual products a company is designed to produce. Having appropriate technical skills signify that the person is competent and knowledgeable with respect to the activities specific to an organization, the organization’s rules and standard operating procedures, and the organization’s products and services.
Examples of Technical Skills within my role:
For a Manager of a children’s home I have to have a good understanding of legislation pertaining to my...