Hrm 531

Training and Mentoring Program

University of Phoenix
June 19, 2009
Deborah Young

      Training and mentoring in a merger situation can be complicated, especially in a diverse workplace. The need for a comprehensive training and mentoring program is however imperative for the organization to attain it’s set goals and objective. The new training and mentoring program will explain the key requirements in preserving the edge in a competitive market. The program will allow Interclean to equip its new sales team with the necessary tools needed to be successful and profitable. This will be explained below.
      The New Training and Mentoring Needs
The training and mentoring needs of Interclean will be determined by four factors (four levels of analysis).
    • Organization Analysis
    • Demographic Analysis
    • Operation Analysis
    • Individual Analysis
Organization Analysis: This helps to identify the part of the organization that needs training. In this case, the sales department needs the training.
Demographic Analysis: This analysis is critical because it is intended to assist in shaping the special needs of the company as a result of employee diversity in the workplace. Please note that employees selected for the new sales team are culturally diverse.
Operation Analysis: This involves the evaluation of materials or procedures the company uses in training and a decision on what changes are needed to make the company more efficient.
Individual Analysis: This is required to show employee proficiency as it relates to employee job performance.
Objectives of the Training and Mentoring Program
For the integration of new employees into the company culture, employees must learn the following three skills.
    • The ability to use new technology and innovation
    • Ability to maintain technology and innovation learnt
    • Ability to diagnose problems
Furthermore, a trainer should be made available to supervise the trainee...