Three Gorges Dam


Firstly, for everyone who doesn’t know, the three gorges dam is a two thousand three hundred and thirty five metre long dam that has been built across the Yangtze river in China. It was initially built to provide hydropower, and to prevent flooding downstream of the river, where some of the major Chinese cities are, such as Shanghai, but instead it has caused, and will cause in the future, huge negative impacts on the surrounding area. As with all dams, there are also very large areas of land behind it that have been flooded.

The first impact caused by the building of the three gorges dam is a huge displacement of people. 1.24 million people have had to move from their cities, towns and villages to make way for the dam, and because of flooding upstream. 1.24 million people. That is largest amount of people ever to have been moved by the building of a piece of infrastructure. So all these people have had to move from their homes, away from their land and their jobs, into new towns and cities. As china is already facing enormous population density issues, with many towns and cities having way too many people living in them, relocating another 1.2 million people into these already over crowded areas is going to, and has, put a strain on resources, such as food and housing. This also means that it will be very difficult for relocated people to find work, and provide for their family.

The second impact of the dam is the fact that the flooding upstream is covering huge areas of amazing scenery, centuries old buildings and heritage sites. These areas, which are unlike anywhere else in the world, have been flooded and, even if the dam is taken down or collapses, will never be the same again. This is like Ularu being covered up, and is a significant impact on Chinese heritage and culture. The building of the dam has also led to the endangerment and extinction of many native species, such as the Yangtze River dolphin.

The third, and maybe the...