The Three Gorges Dam

How would you feel if the government decided to build a dam to produce electricity which was scarce in the region you live in and you and your family had to move?

This is what families who live in the area of the Yangtze River are facing every day because of the Three Gorges Dam project. There have been arguments about the dam project. Economists think it is a great idea, yet the conservationists think it will ruin the environment.   The hydro-electric dam will mostly benefit people living   in big cities, as it will produce eighty-four billion kilowatts of power, but by building a gigantic dam across the river will destroy significant historic places and affect all the people living along the Yangtze.
The dam will also kill unique environment in the river and in the large forests along the river.   China has suffered from shortage of power since the seventies and the dam will provide power, but there are other places they can build the dam were it will be less populated and won’t affect as many people. Also, one of the major concerns is dam safety.   There has been many big dam breaks in other countries. Why would The Three Gorges Dam be an exception?

  Listed   three reasons why China will benefit from the construction of the dam, to produce hydro-electric power for the country, flood control and waterway navigation services. This means that the three gorges dam project will benefit the country with power and will give flood control to the area around the Yangtze. However to date, 179 factories and 83,300 have been relocated, 6,937 hectares of new land have had to be developed for houses. Therefore, by flooding over a hundred historic sites, the society will lose its cultural identity. “because of the dam in China these’ relocates’ have been treated like refugees in there own country” (fang et al 1988.)   Humans and animals that live in the area of the Yangtze are going to suffer tremendously with the project. It is not a good idea to flood so many people’s...