Travis Johnson
SCI 275
Dr. Marlene Mahle Gordon

Use of Nonrenewable Energies vs. Renewable Energies

One of the most relevant issues within the realm of our plant is energy conservation. It is and will forever be an issue that requires both attention and commitment by those who inhabit the earth. One major problem within this issue is the use of renewable energies vs. the use of nonrenewable energies. The difference between them is vast and the yet the reliance of each are great. In the following paragraphs I will depict the difference between the two energy types, the flaws and inefficiencies of nonrenewable energies, the benefits of using renewable energies, and the importance of conservation at a global level.  
Out of all our energy resources on the planet earth we have both abundance and scarcity. Unfortunately the scarcity regards our most utilized and the abundance, in regards to energy, has yet to be harnessed. By this statement I am referring to Nonrenewable and Renewable Energies. Nonrenewable energies are just like its name; nonrenewable. The most recognized nonrenewable energy would be oil or gasoline. The Natural Resources Defense Council states, “According to the Department of Energy, the United States currently uses nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day, importing 55 percent of it.” That amounts to approximately $800 million dollars a day. These figures not only mean that we are using an energy that we will one day not have any more, and consuming at a rate that is indescribable, but also that we are disposing an unimaginable amount of money towards its depletion.
Additionally, the refinement process its self needs to be evaluated. Quoting John Suermann from the US Department of Energy, “Depending on the crude oil quality, the refining process, etc...About a ten percent yield in gas from crude oil is reasonable.” How many gallons of crude oil do you think it takes to produce just one gallon of gasoline? By the calculations...