Thompson Run Elementary: in the Midst of Change

Identify the characteristics of Thompson Run Elementary that might impact efforts to initiate and sustain change.

Thompson Run Elementary consists of a new principal, Shannon Ensman, whom has allowed nearly two years to pass before attempting to implement her educational visions for the school. Perhaps it would have been better to implement change at the beginning of the school year and not towards the end since this scenario began during the third nine weeks of the school year. The efforts to initiate and sustain change will not be realized until the succeeding school year.
At the first faculty meeting of the third nine week period, many teachers were divided in response to Principal Ensman’s visionary stance to “promote and facilitate constructivist teaching and learning strategies and interdisciplinary approaches” utilizing hands-on materials and technology-based resources (Dawson, Pringle, and Marshall, 1). The faculty make-up itself will positively and negatively affect efforts to initiate and sustain change. Carla Fox, a first year teacher at Thompson Run Elementary School, was hired to be an instructional designer in addition to a classroom teacher. She has the track record most needed to lead the reform effort at Thompson Run Elementary School. Ms. Fox is a life-long learner that continually improves teaching and learning. “When the position at Thompson Run opened, Carla believed that it provided her with a good opportunity to integrate many of these skills into her work” (Dawson, Pringle, and Marshall, 1).
Mrs. Hodge, a veteran teacher, is the most resistant to change. “Our students always meet the mean scores on state standardized tests, so what else really matters? All this talk of reform is an unnecessary waste of our valuable time” (Dawson, Pringle, and Marshall, 1). Mr. Schelgelmilch is reluctant to change as he values his time more than anything. He also wants to be compensated for any additional work that will ensue as a result of the reform...