This World Is Harsh

This world is harsh. You start off in a pink, comfortable cocoon. Once you break out you start with the cries you’ll later end with. The world has already decided your path for you and you’re simply sent down to deal with the hardships.

For a while one is guided and then one is left by oneself to form one’s own misguided opinions. You crawl through one phase after the next and the light dims after time. From the minute you are born you are dying. As time goes on, your path becomes more winded and you come across more and more dead ends. There are no lanterns left to light your path, no moon and stars to light the evening sky. The sun never rises for you in the morning. The rain washes away any path that was previously in front of you and the world then starts turning black as you lose your way.

You burrow yourself so deep in life as if it’s going to consume you. For years you stay there, you could class this as another phase. You feel as if you don’t know joy, happiness or love. All you know is hate, anger and sadness. Once life has given you too many curve balls and everyone has left your side you’re burrow becomes deeper and the only way you’re going is down. Once you realize that there still a glimmer of hope you scratch and scratch at the sides of your burrow hope to exit. There are no roots to hold onto and no pits to secure your feet…you are stuck.

Inch by inch you work through the problems that lead you to be in this burrow, and inch by inch you work yourself out. You’re more mature at the end of this process and the hard shell is removed and you view the world from a different place. Just as you start to get your life on a decent path, tragedy strikes you like a lightning bolt and you’re back in that burrow once more.

The world takes you for a spin for a couple of years and throws every hardship your way. Once, after all the things you’ve been through, you’ve sorted through all the misfortunes which have been bestowed upon you, you are struck...