(based on third pair of eyes)

I try to smile nonetheless. Even though it’s so hard on me, I try to smile anyway. Every direction I head to I hear “you’re fat”. Every person I approach I hear “you’re fat”.
Every wall I walk towards I see the shadow of an overweight teenager. All doors have become a wall. All walls have become a dead-end. I wake up every morning to face my enemy in the mirror. I wish to slay him, annihilate him, send him to the depths of hell where there are no shallow eyes to bring him down. Every night I think of the day after and I hold my pillow just a bit tighter and hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is just a paper boat that sinks ever so easily. How sad it is. And yet, I still smile.

I stand in the darkness of the trees, as everyone plays with their friends in the brightness of the day, waiting for a seat to vacate so I can sit down and eat my lunch. I see a long, silver and empty bench looking lonely in the midst of the benches surrounding it which are full of people. Sitting down, I can see everyone around me. Their eyes so full of joy, with a smile stretched across their cheerful faces. I can force a smile, but my eyes are something that I cannot pretend. My eyes are always so sad, always so damp, and always so red. I long to join those skinny people, the people who always have someone to hang out with. But I know, its just wishful thinking. I can only watch them from far away.

When the world is harsh, and a cold wind comes my way, I laugh. I laugh with pretence and I laugh to fool myself, that I am actually happy. I laugh, until the night is over. Then I sit down and pray to god, that he will grant me the courage to smile, genuinely.

Tonight, I sit outside to stare at the full moon that only comes every month. Beside it I see stars and the gentle breeze gently caresses my skin. I tell myself “its okay, it’s alright. Tomorrow I’m going to begin to lose weight”. And I smile, genuinely. The world is so shallow.