This Is Sweden

Typical Swedish
We have made interviews with people from other countries. The two questions that we have been using are what they think is typical Swedish and if they could imagine their selves living in Sweden. We’ve made contact with the people through the chat program and the game World of Warcraft. The ones we used for the interviews were also from other continents. Here are some of the quotations that we got:
“They are very polite and beautiful, but I couldn’t imagine myself living there” – Scotland
“I don’t really know ‘cause I’ve never been there. My parents have though and they think that it’s a beautiful country with nice people” – Tennessee, USA
“I think they are known for meatballs. In our stores we can buy “Swedish Köttbullar”.” – Netherlands
“I don’t really think of anything good when I hear of Sweden. I just think it’s a cold and boring country with a lot of quiet people.” - China
“I could imagine myself live in Sweden! I love the nature there; it’s just so clean and fresh. The mountains are beautiful.” - Netherlands
As you can see we got very superficial answers. And that wasn’t all we were looking for. But there was one person that we personally think had a very interesting aspect. He is a 21 year-old Australian. He told us that he really could imagine himself live in Sweden. He said that we are lucky when it comes to the weather and climate. In the part of Australia where he lives, they have a drought. The people get worried because it is so dry. He said that the people are very afraid of climate changes. “A time ago we all were so sure the rain would come. It was so obvious that we would have the period of rain. Now we have either spring or autumn. It’s a dry summer all along”. He also told us that that a farmer just a few kilometers away was suffering from this. The farmer is financially supported by the government.
Referred to this we can conclude that Sweden isn’t a crisis country in terms of the climate...