Drivers and Barriers for Shifting Towards More Service-Oriented Businesses- Analysis of the Pss Field and Contributions from Sweden

Manufacturing system to support design concept and reuse of manufacturing experience
Andersson Petter , Isaksson Ola
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Department for Product Development and Methods Improvement, Volvo Aero, Trollhättan, Sweden Functional Product Development, Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Abstract Life cycle responsibility for manufacturing companies increases the service content coupled to the product. One consequence is that transferring knowledge gained from all life cycle phases has an even more decisive impact on the definition of the product concept, here referred to as the functional product. The paper focuses on transferring experiences from the manufacturing phase and how to account for these in the design phase. Based on an empirical study at two companies, an automotive and one aeronautical company, current practices were identified. Manufacturing experiences are captured and managed in a manufacturing context whereas the use of experience in the design phase is discussed. Finally a generic approach to support the use life cycle experiences in earlier phases of product development is suggested, where the design and manufacturing case serves as an example. Keywords: Product Development; Manufacturing Experience; Manufacturing; knowledge sharing; Engineering design

1 INTRODUCTION Life Cycle Responsibility increases amongst manufacturers today. The industry is challenged to understand different life cycle phase’s impact on the product, e.g. manufacturing, operations/usage, disposal etc. These factors are “product” focused whereas life cycle dependency implies accompanying services, such as maintenance and repair, customer training etc. The term used for products, having a service contend, is called “Functional Product” [1], whereas Product Service Systems is used in a similar manner. The service integration in manufacturing challenges the competences, roles and responsibilities of manufacturing...