Sweden Market Audit- Camel Snus

I. Camel Snus®
The snus market is well known to the Scandinavian markets, the United States tried its first batch of snus in 2009. Snus is moist, ground up tobacco in various flavors. It is commonly used under the upper lip. Two variants of snus include ordinary (pouch) and portion (loose).   These products are an effective in the initiative for a smoke-free and cleaner environment. They also are considered a tobacco product that will lessen one’s chances of cancer, opposed to cigarette-smoking. The Swedish market holds a market share of 34.9% for smokeless tobacco users in 2009. According to survey of ‘Nicotine and Tobacco Research’ snus use is present in 24% of males and 3% in female. The overall tobacco market is 68.2% domestically owned; however, American products are considered a novelty in Swedish Culture, therefore the differentiation of American snus should strike significant interest (Datamonitor).
1. Relative advantages are that the general population of Sweden are snus users and continues to grow. The current smokeless-tobacco market has wide selection of brands and Camel will allow for an added benefit of a new flavors.
2. Compatibility of a relatively new snus brand in the market would be greatly welcomed due to the country’s level of acceptance of new products and ideas. The brand aligns with the current market’s standards, and tastes
3. Complexity, on a cultural level, is unrestricted to adaptability of new norms and customs. The product requires a slight switching cost based on the comparable product offerings within the current market and a slightly higher price.
4. Trialability of a new product is expected in a new market. The price will be discounted for a time and packaging, flavor and styles will be adjusted to the market it is directed. Consumer decision-making for new products are affected by four different social interaction processes: personal interaction, point of sale (POS) media exposure, social pressure, and network externality...