Music in My Life

Music is my life. I have always been involved with music in a very intimate way. I grew up listening to all kinds of Oldies. My mom and dad would always have on Kola 99.9, the local oldies station. Because of this, I grew to love this kind of music the most. However, I have branched out and I will listen to just about anything.
In fifth grade, I decided to join the elementary school’s band. I started on the Bb Clarinet, but quickly switched to playing the Bb Bass Clarinet. I love the rich low tones of the bass clarinet and have fallen in love with playing this wonderful instrument. The first style of music I ever played was classical. Because of this, I really do love the classical style of music. I like it because it varys so much. It can be anywhere from slow, soft and relaxing to fast, loud and punctuating.  
In my opinion, I can’t really identify myself with any one piece of music. My lookout on music is way too broad to choose just one. However, if I must give one example, it would be “Here (In Your Arms)” by Hellogoodbye. Though it has a simple enough beat and tempo and though the lyrics are simple enough as well, it throws in a bit of variety, switching up the beat between chourus and verse. Also, it especially catches my ear now because of my boyfriend. The lyrics really bring up some of what we have together.
There is no set meaning of music. It is basically a form of expression. Not only for the artist, but for the listener as well. The tempo, the beat, the way the music fades and is shaped and so much more adds to the emotion of the piece. Many believe that music is psychological in that it affects the mind. This is true, but   In the perspectives of most musicians, music not only comes from the heart, but affects the heart as well. In my opinion, this is very true. Though there are many instances in which one may say that the music affects their way of thinking, it is through the heart that these changes take place.
Music is the key to my...