Descartes/Nietzsche Compare and Contrast

Luke Wilson
Phi 151
Conclusion paper
“The Discourse on the Method” was not only written in a language everyone could understand, it also described how Descartes conducted his own reasoning in order to understand the world around him.   According to Nietzsche, however, it did not matter what the reality was around you, it only mattered how you interacted with it.   These two views are slightly different and slightly similar.   Descartes method was one of viewing things in smaller sections so that he would be sure to be correct.   This is similar to Nietzsche’s view of the world in the “veil of Maya.”   (Nietzsche, pg. 2)   On the other hand, Nietzsche believed that there was only one way to be correct about the world and conducting your own reasoning.   Nietzsche wanted you to be able to take a step back and look at the world around you; to take a look at the bigger picture.   Descartes believed that just because someone views the world one way, it does not necessarily make them wrong, it just makes them different.   In Nietzsche’s “veil” approach, he says you need to step back, look at the big picture, and then in order for it to make sense, you need to focus on one thing at a time.   This is almost the same thing Descartes says, but in a different approach.   So, according to Descartes, Nietzsche is right.  
Descartes knew that in order for certain things to make more sense, you needed to create a story out of what actually happened.   This approach was considered to be a “scientific” view of the world, and as such, when new evidence was brought forth, the story could be altered slightly.   Nietzsche, I believe, had the same view on storytelling.   “King Midas hunted a long time in the woods for the wise Silenus.   When he had finally caught him the king asked him what he considered man's greatest good. The daemon remained sullen and uncommunicative until finally, forced by the king, he broke into a shrill laugh and spoke: "Ephemeral wretch,...