There Is Important to Know Flotation Separation Process

The specific flotation separation process to add various flotation reagents into the pulp with a certain concentration; after mixed and gasing in the flotation-cell,it will produce a large number of dispersed bubbles. Then the suspensed ore particles crash with bubbles, and the particles with good flotability are attached to the bubbles, and flotate to the ore solution surface to form foam produts which are the concentrate; the minerals without flotating are left in the pulp and then become tailings, so as to achieve the separation aim.

Flotation Separation Line

The Floation Separation Process:

Use physical and chemical properties differences of mineral surface in the mineral particles sorting process, formerly known as flotation method, which is the most widely used method of mineral processing. Almost all the ore can use the flotation method, such as gold, silver mine, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, copper-fai, molybdenite, nickel sulfide minerals; such as pyrite, malachite, white lead, zinc ling, hemimorphite and mine hematite, cassiterite, wolframite, ilmenite, beryl, spodumene, and rare earth minerals, uranium ore and other minerals of the sorting; graphite, sulfur, diamonds, quartz, mica, feldspar and other non-metallic minerals and silicate minerals and fluorite, apatite, barite, and other non-metallic mineral salts and potassium salt, rock salt and other mineral salts. Another important purpose of the flotation process is to reduce the fine coal ash from coal and to remove fine-grained pyrite. With flotation processing more symbiotic metal minerals, such as from copper, lead, zinc, and other metal ores separate copper, lead, zinc and pyrite, and other concentrate, and can reach a very high sorting indicators.

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